Carnival atmosphere since 1970!

The Suonenjoki Strawberry Carnival is one of the oldest summer events in Finland. The first Carnival was arranged in 1970. The 2020 Carnival is the 50th such event. There have only been two gap years in organising the event, in 1984 and 2003. In addition to the inhabitants of the Suonenjoki region, the Strawberry carnival has brought together strawberry pickers, holiday guests, summer inhabitants and other carnival guests from all over Finland. In recent years the number of foreign guests has increased as the berry picking work force has become more international.

The Strawberry Carnival traditionally sets off with the Carnival Parade, which gathers massive crowds to line up the streets of Suonenjoki year after year. The parade consists of sections/floats which are compiled from local enterprises and organisations.

It is traditional to choose a Strawberry Master every year. This person is a strawberry farmer or a person closely connected with strawberry farming who has and continues to make name for the strawberry farming in Suonenjoki.

Every year, a Strawberry girl is also chosen and crowned from amongst the young ladies who’ve signed up for the contest.

Market place vendors have had an excellent chance to sell their products at the carnival market place. The market place features strawberry themed merchandise.

Strawberry is offered yearly in the form of shakes, strawberry milk, jam, puree, juice, in cakes and pastries, and of course in the form of the delicious berry!